Remember – there is only ONE YOU

Remember – there is only ONE YOU

A major health campaign is determined to remind people how important it is to keep themselves fit and healthy -€“ because there is only ONE YOU.

By the time we reach our 40’€™s and 50’€™s many of us will have increased our risk of contracting diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and increased our increased our risk of suffering a stroke.

It’€™s not just our age and our genes that make us more susceptible to disease -€“ but our lifestyles. Around 70% of disease is related directly to how we live our lives in our adult years.

Whether we are eating the wrong things too much or too often..or drinking more than we should..or that we continue to smoke despite everything we know..or that we are just not being active enough.all these small things can add up, creating a huge influence on our health.

Taking the time to make sure we stay healthy and live well is not always easy -€“ not when there are children to look after, jobs to do, households to run, and often elderly parents or relatives to care for.

The good news is that it’s never too late to make a difference -€“ and the ONE YOU campaign want to help you to do just that. We know that changes to the way we live, no matter how old we are can dramatically reduce our risk factors, as well as help us get more out of life.

But we know it isn’€™t easy. Unhealthy habits creep into our adults lives almost unseen and it is difficult to know where and how to fight back.

Find out more information on local services that can help make a difference to you.

Why not start a conversation with yourself and use the ‘€˜how are you?‘€˜ quiz – this is a quick test to see how you are doing and help you see where (and how) you could maybe make some changes.