Musculo-Skeletal Services

Musculoskeletal Services Review

mskNHS Buckinghamshire CCG are carrying out an in-depth review of Musculoskeletal (MSK) care provision across Buckinghamshire in order to improve the service to patients through developing and implementing a more integrated and coordinated programme.

The proposed approach will improve integration of care and the overall experience for people with MSK conditions.

Progress report

This major project began in autumn 2014 with the launch of a programme to seek opinion of the current service from those who have used it or those who may have experience of the service in some other form.

These conversations took place via an online questionnaire and meetings with the public, health professionals and GPs. Most people we spoke to had similar views. The two most strongly held opinions are:

  • There is a need for a coherent and joined up service with better communication between medical professionals and patients.
  • Patients should be better informed and supplied with the knowledge and skills to allow them to self-manage their conditions.

You can find the interim engagement report that was published in March 2015 here. Members the CCG have since held a series of workshops with the current providers of MSK services to agree how we can create a new model of MSK care that will integrate and streamline the delivery of services.

Now Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust (BHT), Care UK Ltd, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals), BMI Healthcare and Ramsay Healthcare Ltd are working collaboratively to provide the service. This is really good news for patients and the CCG feel this is the best way to provide a more streamlined and coordinated service.

Next steps:

This is an exciting and innovative way of redesigning services with enthusiasm and dedication from all involved to ensure the best services are available with the patient’s need at the centre of their care.

So what will happen next as part of the progression of the transformation of MSK services?

  • Further engagement with patients took place in January 2017. There is also a commitment to continuing patient input through questionnaires on the outcomes the new service delivers for them.
  • The collaborative service redesign work between commissioners and current providers is planned to conclude by April 2017. However the CCG will continue to work together with providers on constant service improvement throughout the five year contract.
  • Introductory events for the clinical community took place in February 2017.
  • A detailed presentation of the iMSK service will be given to the Governing Body of the CCG. Approval from the CCG and providers will be required before implementation of the new service.
  • The phased roll out of the new iMSK service to patients in Buckinghamshire will take place later in 2017.

If you would like to be involved in engagement about the new iMSK service please email Further updates in relation to the MSK review will be published on this website and at Let’s Talk Health Bucks our online platform enabling patients and member of the public to get involved in engagement events, consultations and surveys. Please do register on this site, selecting the areas most of interest to you, and we will contact you when consultations and surveys open for involvement.