Bucks Co-ordinated Care Record (BCCR)

bccr_image_cccgMaking your wishes known

A new service for older people has been launched in Buckinghamshire which means you can let healthcare professionals know what your preferences are for your care.

Identifying your wishes and preferences

The Bucks Co-ordinated Care record (BCCR) is an electronic record, where you can record your wishes and preferences about your care.

The wishes you express are personal to you and can be about anything to do with your future care.

You may want to include your priorities and preferences for the future, such as:

  • How you might want any religious or spiritual beliefs you hold to be reflected in your care.
  • The name of a person/people to be involved in decision-making at a later time.
  • Your choice about where you would like to be cared for. This might be at home, in a hospital, a nursing home, or a hospice.
  • Your choice about resuscitation.
  • Your thoughts on different treatments or types of care that you might be offered.
  • How you like to do things, such as preferring to shower instead of taking a bath, or sleeping with the light on.
  • Concerns or solutions about practical issues, e.g. who will look after your pet should you become ill.

How does it work?

Your information is gathered and stored securely. It is an electronic record and is secure with only healthcare professionals allowed to access it.

Whenever you visit a hospital or other healthcare location in Buckinghamshire, you will be able to tell the healthcare professionals you have a record, as you will be issued with a small credit-card sized card with your unique number. They will then be able to make sure your wishes are taken into account when you are being cared for.

If you have any questions regarding these points and would like to sign up to the Bucks Co-ordinated Care record, please discuss this with your healthcare professional, GP or doctor.