Children’s Therapies in Bucks

Children’s Therapies – Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy

The Buckinghamshire CCGs and Buckinghamshire County Council, working with Families and Parents Together (FACT) Bucks, asked parents, carers, young people and professionals about these services.  In response to the feedback, changes have been made to the services so that they are:

  • Integrated – The three services have been joined together to enable better communication and more focus on the child or young person.
  • Online – The services offer technology, such as online videos and apps, with families who would find it helpful.
  • Supportive – Parents receive improved communication and are shown how they can help their child’s progress.  Therapists also coach teaching staff on how to provide support.
  • Efficient –One IT system is being introduced for all 3 services so that all therapists are up to date about a child or young person’s history and needs.

The services are provided by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.  Further information can be found at