Your Voice Bucks – consultation and engagement across the Integrated Care Partnership

Your Voice Bucks is a public consultation and engagement platform which was launched for use across the entire Buckinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership in February 2020.

For all organisations within the ICP, which aims to provide joined up health and care services to the people of Buckinghamshire, the views of the public are critical. It is essential for us to get the input of local residents, patients, service-users, carers and our communities to help shape current and future health and care services across Buckinghamshire. We can only be sure we are meeting the needs of our population by asking them. And, in the past, our different organisations  asked people to give their feedback across a number of different online platforms. As the ICP was formed it became clear this was not the most straightforward approach, and may sometimes be confusing for residents who want give their views.

Your Voice Bucks is a website where you can find and take part in our consultations, surveys and other public involvement opportunities. These could be about any number of subjects relating to NHS or council services – from changes to the way specific health services are delivered to  proposed traffic calming and parking schemes.

The views and feedback of the public can help us ensure we are working closely and effectively together, along with other partners in social care and voluntary sector services.

The organisations using this platform include NHS Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, FedBucks and Buckinghamshire County Council.

Part of our commitment to work together as an ICP for the benefit of local people is to make it easier for you to get involved with improving our services. Your Voice Bucks is intended to do exactly that, by publishing the community involvement and consultation activities for all the ICP organisations in one place. A great deal of work was done to ensure this online platform met the needs of the ICP members and would be easy to use for the general public. We look forward to inviting people to use this website to continue to help us shape services in the future.