You said, we did

We engage with a wide range of patients, members of the public and other local stakeholders to ensure that our vision for the future of health and care services meets local needs and reflect local views. In order to shape a shared vision for health and care, we listen to, understand, and act on what really matters to patients and people in our communities.

Getting your voice heard

We know many of you want to make sure your voice is heard and your concerns, feedback and ideas are communicated to the CCG, and Integrated Care Partnership as a whole, to ensure your views form a key part of our decision-making and service design.

Over the last year we have been developing a residents’ panel of 1,500 people who are representative of the population.

We have also begun to use a new digital engagement tool across all six partner organisations in the ICP. This will make it easier for us to engage with you across a range of health and social care topics and also to make sure you know how that feedback shapes our work. You can view this platform at We want to make it easier to show you how ‘you said, we did’.


COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

To help us improve the service and experience, Healthwatch Bucks asked patients for feedback on our local COVID-19 vaccination sites.

These are the key actions we took based on issues raised over the last few months.


Future Arrangements for NHS Commissioning in Buckinghamshire

An engagement exercise to gather views on future commissioning arrangements in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ran from October to December 2019.

224 responses received from a wide range of people including GPs, key partners like Healthwatch, Health and Wellbeing Boards, local authorities, patient groups and members of the public.

Views were invited on three proposals. A full engagement report has been produced and is available on the BOB ICS website. Also available is the Board paper which has been considered by the three CCG Governing Bodies in January. This paper includes a summary of local engagement activities, with a table  outlining feedback and concerns raised by stakeholders in relation to one proposal in particular (for a joint AO/ ICS post across the three areas). A series of mitigating actions are also listed here, to address the points raised by those taking part in the engagement activities.


Improved Access to GPs

As part of our Improved Access to GPs initiative – which sees more GP appointments being made available to residents at evenings and weekends – we asked people in the south of Buckinghamshire where they would prefer their local base for out-of-hours appointments to be located.

Your preferred choice was Threeways Surgery in Stoke Poges. We have since made this location the base for out-of-hours appointments in the south Buckinghamshire area.

For more information on this engagement, click here.  Full details of the report can be viewed here.


Living With and Beyond Cancer

This project engaged with more than 300 people – online, face to face and in groups – who offered their views and experiences on a range of subjects relating to cancer across the current health and social care system. This included the provision and need for better information and communication with patients; health and wellbeing challenges during and after treatment; mental health issues; financial concerns; end of life and issues surrounding returning to work after treatment, all demonstrating the need for an integrated multi sectoral approach.

The views and experiences of people we engaged with is continuing to feed into future service development. The Live Well and Beyond Cancer report can be found by clicking here.


 Chiltern House Medical Practice

The primary care contract for the Chiltern House Medical Practice in High Wycombe ended in 2018, with an interim arrangement made to continue services for 12 months. A public consultation presented several options on how registered patients at this practice could continue to receive primary care services. You told us you wanted services to continue to operate from the existing building in High Wycombe, with a new service provider in place. We have arranged this, with Primary Care Management Solutions contracted to operate services from the High Wycombe site from September 2019. Full details of this engagement can be found here.

As part of the procurement process, a survey was created for patients to have their say on what future services should look like and how they should be delivered. A graphic detailing this feedback can be found here.


 Children and young people’s Mental Health services

Our engagement work told us there needed to be greater focus on early intervention for young people who may be experiencing mental health difficulties, particularly in schools. We also heard there was a need to help raise awareness of mental health as a condition and support young people proactively.

In response to this our mental health provider has developed and run a number of awareness and training sessions that have been well received and attended. This program has been expanded over 2019/20. We have also worked with young people to co-produce posters and business cards designed to steer their peers to the Buckinghamshire CAMHS website for information advice and guidance about their own mental health if required.

Our ‘Trailblazer’ mental health scheme works transform children’s mental health care and ensure those in need get the right support at the right time, with dedicated mental health support teams working with schools and colleges and providing support to pupils. This scheme rolled out to 40 schools in 2018, and is planned to roll out to more schools as it continues to develop.

We also heard concerns about the stigma  still attached to mental health issues , which can act as a barrier for young people who need to access services. The Kooth service now offers free, safe, anonymous online support to young people in Bucks, who can access it for support 24/7. You can find out more about this service here.



A multi-agency dementia conference was held to provide an opportunity for people in Buckinghamshire (particularly those living with the condition and their carers) to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas, regarding current services and gaps in provision, to strategic decision makers.

A number of concerns were raised: people are not always aware of what services are available for them to access; they do not want to have to repeat their story to different health and care professionals; there is still a lack of awareness of dementia and it still has a stigma attached; there is not enough training and education on offer for carers of people that have dementia; people do not always know where to turn when they need crisis support.

Feedback from this event is being used to inform both short term improvements in current service delivery and also to shape future developments through the Buckinghamshire All Age Mental Health Strategy.



A report from Healthwatch Bucks (Dignity and Harm), which detailed accounts and opinions of several patients experiencing mental health concerns. The report suggested that further work could be done to ensure all GPs were sufficiently trained to deal with cases of self-harm.

The CCG has continued to arrange and promote training opportunities to GPs and practice staff where suitable (such as Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary Care, suicide prevention, Mental health study days). It has circulated details of relevant guidelines and made them digitally available to GPs and practice staff and highlighted the importance of familiarisation.


 Winter Pressures communications

As part of our 2019/20 winter pressures communications plan, which includes us working to reach as many members of the public as possible to offer health and care advice and guidance, we asked members of the Getting Bucks Involved group. They made a number of helpful suggestions on how to reach people, including the use of radio advertising, and we have adopted several of these approaches in this year’s communications strategy.


Long Term Plan

The Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care System (BOB ICS), of which NHS Buckinghamshire CCG is a partner, has published an interim report on the development of its five year plan

The report Improving Health and Care in Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire West describes the range of organisations involved in the BOB ICS, how they work together and how they are developing their priorities and plans for the next five years.

Thoughts and comments on the suggested priorities, opportunities and challenges were welcomed and members of the public and stakeholders had the opportunity to give their feedback. This engagement will continue, going forward, as the plan develops.