Supporting our engagement – what you can expect from us

Support we offer:

Training and Support

Everyone who volunteers with us will be offered an induction meeting where you will learn more about Buckinghamshire’s health and care partners and how we are working as an Integrated Care Partnership. We will tell you about the structure of the NHS and the roles and responsibilities of the CCG.

We will also provide suitable training to support you throughout your time volunteering with us.

You will be offered support on practical issues such as help with claiming expenses, accessing meeting papers, support during meetings, answering queries and any additional advice as needed.

When we are advised about national training opportunities, we will let you know about them.

For Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

A PPG is a group of patients who represent the patient voice in their GP practice. They’re an important link between a practice and its patients.  Our PPGs are a key part of local engagement. They contribute a valuable role in helping to support their practices and provide patient views. As a CCG we want to support PPGs in this vital role.

Healthwatch Bucks provides additional support to PPGs on behalf of the CCG. They have helpful information and a toolkit for PPGs on their website

Other useful resources are

National Association for Patient Participation

For Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

PCNs will need to communicate and engage with their local population. We can support this work by offering guidance and advice.

We also offer a toolkit to support their work.



The CCG values the role of those who volunteer their time to support our work. We will pay ‘out of pocket’ expenses to those who are involved, which includes mileage and public transport costs.

Please complete an expenses form and return with receipts.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us on or call 01293 382444 to find out more.