Committees of the Governing Body

The Governing Body has appointed the following six committees:

Audit Committee

The audit committee provides assurance and advice to the governing body and the accountable officer on the proper stewardship of resources and assets; including value for money, financial reporting, the effectiveness of audit arrangements (internal and external), risk management, and on control and integrated governance arrangements within the CCGs.

Executive Committee

The executive committee delivers the remit of the CCG. All functions of the CCG (with the exception of those delegated to the other six committees listed) are delegated to the executive committee for the day to day management and delivery. The executive committee will make recommendations to the governing body on strategy and commissioning plans and take day to day decisions on performance management and risk management to provide robust assurance to the governing body. 

Finance Committee

The finance committee oversees financial performance and activity across the CCGs and their programme boards. It will seek to ensure that quality, innovation, prevention and productivity (QIPP) targets are met. 

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

The primary care committee will enact the responsibilities delegated to the CCGs from NHS England for the commissioning of delegated services such as general practice in accordance with the accountability agreement. Its meetings are held quarterly in public.

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Quality and Performance Committee

The quality and performance committee provides assurance on the quality and performance of services commissioned and promotes a culture of continuous improvement and innovation with respect to safety of services, clinical effectiveness, outcomes and patient experience, this includes a responsibility to promote research and the use of research and monitor reports made to the National Reporting and Learning System. The quality and performance committee makes recommendations on areas such as access, reducing inequalities, equality and diversity issues, and service improvements needed, and is responsible for advising on new developments for implementation such as NICE.

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee makes recommendations to the governing body on determinations about the remuneration, fees and other allowances for employees and for people who provide services to the group and on determinations about allowances under any pension scheme that the CCGs may establish as an alternative to the NHS pension scheme.

The governing body approves and keeps under review the terms of reference for all these committees, which include information on membership, and are available upon request.