Aylesbury North Locality

Locality Lead

Dr Rodger Dickson (Norden House Surgery)


Profile information

  • The population has a lower proportion of people aged 65+ than the Bucks average
  • The locality is less deprived than Bucks The locality is less ethnically diverse than Bucks
  • AV North has the second smallest population size of the Bucks localities

Click here to view a more detailed profile of the AV North locality (updated in 2016).

Health Information

  • Emergency admissions are statistically higher than Bucks.
  • A higher proportion of older people are estimated to have difficulty with one or more activities of daily living. Emergency admission rates for people aged over 65 are statistically higher than the Bucks average.
  • Cardiovascular conditions and those with multiple conditions and co-morbid mental health problems

Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review

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