Aylesbury Central Locality

Locality Lead

Dr Toby Gillman (Meadowcroft Partnership)


Profile Information

AV Central is the largest locality in Buckinghamshire. The profile of this locality is split between those living in and around Aylesbury (“Inner”) and those living in the more rural areas outside Aylesbury (“Outer”).

  • Aylesbury Central locality is the largest of the seven Bucks GP localities ( 4 localities in Chiltern CCG) with approximately 100,000 registered patients.
  • The population is younger than the Bucks average, with a smaller proportion of people aged 65+ and a larger proportion of people aged 20-39.
  • As a whole the locality is more deprived than the Bucks average.
  • As a whole the locality is more ethnically diverse than the Bucks average. 

Click here to view a more detailed profile of the AV Central locality (updated in 2016).

Health Information

Inner Locality

  • Life expectancy for the population of the locality as a whole is lower than that for the Buckinghamshire population.
  • The incidence of Diabetes, Asthma COPD and Mental Health issues is greater in the locality population than in Bucks as a whole.
  • Early death rates are higher on average than for Bucks. (Overall Bucks has some of the lowest death rates in the country).
  • Higher rate of low birth weight babies (second highest rate in Bucks); statistically higher fertility rate (highest in Bucks); statistically higher infant death rate (highest in Bucks).

Outer Locality

  • The population experiences similar or better health than the Buckinghamshire population. Some long term conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension & Stroke are more common.
  • Early death rates from all causes are lower than Bucks, which itself has some of the lowest death rates in the country.