Health Needs in Our Area

The geographic area served by Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group covers more than half of the area served by Wycombe District Council and the whole of the areas served by Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council.

In general the health of people living in Buckinghamshire county is better than the English average. The county is one of the least deprived counties in England. People live longer and spend more of these years in good health than the national average.  However it is important to note that life expectancy is five years shorter in the most deprived fifth of the population compared to the least deprived fifth.

Our 51 member practices are split into seven localities based on proximity and demographic similarities.  For further information on these practices and groups, including locality health profiles, see Our Localities and Member Practices.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Public Health regularly produces a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which looks at the current and future health needs of the Buckinghamshire population.  This is used to inform CCGs, the Local Authority and the Health and Wellbeing Board when setting priorities and planning for the health and care of Buckinghamshire.

Access the Buckinghamshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.