FOI responses for November 2018

These Freedom of Information requests were processed in November 2018:

FOI 28870 BUCKS 14Y  Heart Failure Service Specification

FOI 28870 BUCKS 14Y  Atrial Fibrillation Service Specification

FOI 28569 BUCKS 14Y  Payment by Results

FOI 28474 BUCKS 14Y   Recording Meetings and Calls

BUCKS 29026  Gifts Received  Response

BUCKS 29007  Blood Glucose Test Strips Response

BUCKS 28947 Care Navigation Response

BUCKS 28914  Interpretation Services  Response

BUCKS 28902    Baseline Toolkit Submission Response

BUCKS 28870    Prescribing-Medicines Optimisation Schemes Response

BUCKS 28838   Hip  Knee Surgery Response

BUCKS 28823   General Medical Services  Response

BUCKS 28802    LES for Prolia  Response

BUCKS 28784   Primary Care Networks  Response

BUCKS 28765  Formularies  Committees  Response

BUCKS 28749 Adult Eating Disorder Response

BUCKS 28721    Complex Needs  Response

BUCKS 28646 BUCKS   IT Services

BUCKS 28567 Pharmaceutical Rebates  Response

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