Strategies, Policies and Procedures

Strategies and Reports

Policies – Corporate Governance

Policies – Information Governance

  • Clear Screen and Desk Policy
  • Confidentiality Audit Procedures
  • Data Protection Act Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Fair Processing Notice
  • Freedom of Information Act Policy
  • Incident Reporting Procedure
  • Information Governance Framework
  • Information Governance Policy
  • Information Governance Staff Handbook
  • Information Security Policy
  • Mobile Technology Policy
  • Records Management Policy
  • Transfer of Personal Information Procedure
  • Use of internet policy

The CCG’s IT infrastructure is provided by NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCWCSU). Accordingly the CCG defaults to its policies as follows: Acceptable Use Policy, Access Control Policy, Anti-Virus Policy, Asset Management Policy, Change Control Policy, IT Disposal Policy, IT Services Continuity Management Policy, Network Security Policy, Password Policy, Patch Management Policy, Registration Authority (smartcards)

These are available upon request.