Engagement Steering Group

The Engagement Steering Group was formed in 2014 and consists largely of members of Patient Participation Group (PPG) representatives of their GP Surgeries. Each month this Group reviews proposed communication and engagement plans to ensure that they are proportionate and inclusive. These plans will have been developed in support of live commissioning projects. The Group reports to the Executive Committee and assures the Committee that patient and public feedback is captured during these projects and used to inform decision making.

The Group also oversees development support to PPGs through a network which currently meets twice a year. We are planning to have a north and south network from March 2019. Some case studies from our PPGs and materials developed to support them can be found on the Healthwatch Bucks website


Engagement Steering Group Terms of Reference

Meeting Summaries

Abbreviations and Acronyms


Reports from the Engagement Steering Group to the Governing Body


Current Members of the Engagement Steering Group (ESG)

Paul Henry, PPG Member of Simpson Centre & Penn Surgery (Chair)

Graham Cook, PPG Member of Rectory Meadow Surgery

Chris Phillips, PPG Member of Rectory Meadow Surgery

Elizabeth Carless, PPG Member of Hughenden Valley Surgery

Barry Lynch, PPG Member of Haddenham Surgery

Lannie Staff, PPG Member of Riverside Surgery

Thalia Jervis, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Bucks

Anne Whiteley, Adult Carers Services Manager of Carers Bucks

Dr Karen West, GP and Clinical Director of the CCG

Nicola Lester, Director of Transformation of the CCG

Kim Parfitt, Head of Communications for the CCG

Ojalae Jenkins, Transformation Manager for the CCG