Proposals for Future NHS Commissioning Arrangements: Engagement Period Now Closed

Proposals for Future NHS Commissioning Arrangements: Engagement Period Now Closed

The first stage of engagement on future NHS commissioning arrangements in Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire West has closed.

Views were invited on three proposals:

  • The delivery of more joined up and integrated health and care through three, locally focussed Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) – alliances of NHS and Local Government organisations working together to plan and deliver care through a joint approach
  • The streamlining of commissioning arrangements through a single Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – a more strategic organisation to support ICPs and also commission services at scale as appropriate, such as NHS 111 or specialised services
  • Changes to the current CCG management arrangements to create a single Accountable Officer and ICS Executive Lead role, supported by a shared management team working across the Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire West CCGs

The three CCGs within the BOB Integrated Care System ran an engagement exercise from 10 October to 1st December 2019 with a broad range of stakeholders, including patients and the public, to understand the extent of views on these proposed changes.

All feedback received will be fully considered by CCG and ICS leaders and will inform recommendations to CCG Governing Bodies about a single Accountable Officer/ICS Lead and associated supporting management structure. A full engagement report will also be produced and published in the New Year.

Next steps regarding any proposals about a single CCG will be considered by Governing Bodies in early 2020. Any proposals for future CCG configuration would be subject to consultation with CCG members later in 2020,  in line with NHS England/NHS Improvement guidance.