Our World Café PPG Event – October 2018

We gathered members from as many PPG’s as possible in Buckinghamshire together, to find out what challenges and opportunities we can share with each other, and how we can together help our practice succeed.

We’ve collected some of the responses and notes below, if you belong to a PPG, and would like to get involved in sessions like this, please get in touch with bucks.ppg@nhs.net. If you’d like to join a PPG, and anyone can, the first step is to contact your local practice, who will be able to help.

We asked a number of questions, below, you’ll see the question we asked and the most common responses.

What is the purpose of your PPG?

  • PPG communicate more effectively with patients / CCG
  • Link between Dr and patients – build relationships
  • Represent the interest of patient body. Contribute to making the practice successful as a business.What are the challenges for your PPG?
  • Trying to empower patients – Drs are not the only experts
  • Getting patients involved representing all sections of the community
  • Practice and PPG need to have a consistent message – not a confused message about PPGs.
  • Getting practice buy in is very difficultHow would you like the Buckinghamshire PPG Network to develop, i.e. What would we like it to do?
  • Set Up directory of Bucks PPGs with Chairs and contacts
  • Make a connection between : PPGs, locality meetings and CCG ESG committee
  • Support newly emerging PPGs with user friendly information.

    Other Issues noted but did not fit in the categories but worth recording:
  • How do we raise awareness of PPG In Bucks with patients?
  • There needs to be better communication between hospital and primary care.
  • Individual PPGs are very different in the way they operateIf you’d like to have more information on Patient Participation Groups, have an questions, or would like to know more about how we help support patient groups, please get in touch with bucks.ppg@nhs.net

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