My Care Record: Connecting the professionals in Bucks who care for you

My Care Record: Connecting the professionals in Bucks who care for you


Health and social care professionals in Buckinghamshire have a new approach to sharing patient records so they can make the right choices about the care and support people need.

My Care Record will allow medical and social care professionals, with patient consent, to access an up-to-date specific subset of GP records online when someone is in contact with them.

Dr Annet Gamell, the Chief Clinical Officer for Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “€œPeople tell us all the time that they want health and social care professionals to be better connected and share information, so when they need care they don’t need to keep repeating the same basic information over and over again.

“My Care Record will mean we have instant access to this information, even outside of normal office hours, when important information about allergies and medication could be vital, even life-saving.”

Dr Graham Jackson, Clinical Chair for Aylesbury Vale CCG, said: “€œInformation is currently sometimes shared, where clinically appropriate, usually by fax or phone; and rarely at the point of need. 

“€œWithout My Care Record health and social care professionals have to wait until the following day to get important information about people they are caring for during evenings and weekends. This can cause delays in providing treatment, care or medication.”

Richard Corbett, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Bucks, said: “Sharing information is an important part of health and social care so anything which improves communication between different teams is very welcome.

“This will benefit patients and service users because it will ensure people get appropriate care much more quickly.”

Mike Appleyard, cabinet member for Communities, Health and Adult Social Care at Buckinghamshire County Council, said: “I firmly believe that this system will contribute to better patient outcomes by enabling health and social care staff to provide a seamless service to the people of Buckinghamshire.  I am delighted that the council and our partners in the local NHS are taking a lead in the use of digital to improve the services we provide.”

Information included in My Care Record includes what medications someone is taking, any allergies or details of medication which has caused adverse reactions, any health conditions which means someone shouldn’€™t have certain medicines and any factors which need to be considered before someone is discharged from hospital.

My Care Record is a secure site only available to registered health and social care professionals. At no point are copies of the record created, copied or kept once the enquiry is complete. My Care Record provides patients with two levels of control over who has access to their information:

  1. A clinician must ask the patient for permission to view their information at the point of care.
  2. People can also choose to opt out of My Care Record completely in which case their information cannot be accessed by the My Care Record system.  To do so patients need to complete an opt-out form and take it to their GP practice. The form is available online, or at the surgery. Please remember, however, this system has been developed to improve the quality of care, and includes safeguards around access to the data.

View our My Care Record page for more information.  You can also download an opt out form. Leaflets and opt out forms will also be available at GP practices.