2019/20 Meeting papers

Governing Body meetings in public are held at least four times each year, to discuss business and make decisions about commissioning healthcare in the NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group catchment area.

The geography covers the whole of the county of Buckinghamshire except the unitary authority of Milton Keynes, whilst it also covers Buckinghamshire County Council along with part of East Oxfordshire which cover the wards of Aston Rowant, Chinnor and Thame North and Thame South.

Dates of upcoming meetings are listed below and the papers for each meeting will be published on this page before each meeting.  Meetings of the Governing Body are held in public to enable residents to watch and listen to proceedings. Anyone can pose questions about what the CCG does and local healthcare issues in advance of the meeting and questions about the items on the agenda at the meeting itself, or in advance – for details of how to ask questions or to ask a question please email Russell.carpenter@nhs.net

For a full list of archived papers and past meeting dates please see Governing Body Meetings Archive.

9 January 2020 – shared accountable officer and design principles for a single management team

Discussions and decisions took place on 9 January 2020 through a meeting not held in public in relation to:

  1. Commencing a process to recruit and appoint an accountable officer across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West CCGs.
  2. Agreering to design principles in relation to a single management team under this role across the same CCGs.

These discussions and decisions have been/are being held in Oxfordshire and Berkshire West in public during January 2020.

This has not been the situation for Buckinghamshire by virtue of pre-arranged meeting dates and venues in line with the CCG Constitution – the CCG’s forward plan had always signalled its January 2020 meeting date as a seminar but with business as usual escalations.

However the Governing Body agreed that, as the supporting papers for these matters are in the public domain through the other CCGs, the same papers and approved minutes related to discussions and decisions would be published on this website.

CCG Management Arrangements and Engagement Report vFinal

Appendix 1 Table of Stakeholder Mitigations

Appendix 2 CCG Engagement Activities

Appendix 3 Draft AO JD v0 5

Minutes 09-01-20 shared ao and single management team

Annual General Meeting

The CCG’s Constitution specifies that the CCG Governing Body shall also hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will be a meeting Governing Body in public once in each financial year provided that not more than 15 months has elapsed between the date of one AGM and the next.

This took place on Saturday 21 September 2019  at 11:45am-12:30pm in the Floyd Auditorium, Post Graduate Education Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It was a joint annual general meeting with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

 Papers Pack Final Minutes  Other papers

00. 2020 03 12 GB Agenda public

NHS Buckinghamshire CCG Governing Body in public 12.03.20 MAIN PAPERS


03a. Governing Body Minutes public 12 March 2020 v2 FINAL 12. Update for GB_ICP FINAL Integrated Care Partnership – plans for 202021 WEB

17. Approved Minutes

19. CCG – Communications and Engagement Report July – December 2019 FINAL

00. 2019 11 14 GB Agenda public

Governing Body in public 141119 supporting papers

 Governing Body Minutes public 14 November 2019  

08. Inequalities Presentation – update 6th Nov WEBSITE FINAL

12a. Buckinghamshire Quality Assurance Model


00. 2019 09 12 GB Agenda public v7

CCG Governing Body 12.09.19 MAIN PAPERS PACK

Governing Body Minutes public 12 September 2019 v2 FINAL 08. Buckingshamshire ICP Winter Plan 19-20 CCG gov body 040919 FINAL WEBSITE

13. Corporate Governance Update SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS

17. M4 Finance Report

18. Final July Q&P Report


Governing Body in public 13.06.19 agenda and papers 04a. Governing Body Minutes public 13 June 2019 v2 FINAL 07. Buckinghamshire CCG – Primary Care Nurse Leadership FINAL website

08a. Plan 1920 – Governing Body – 130619 v2

08b. ICS Ops Plan – 11 April 19 – Final – updated re finance submission 150519 v2 BHT updated

10b2-5 Terms of Reference-

11a. Consultation on East Berkshire GP Out of Hours UPDATE FINAL

13. May 2019 Quality & Performance Report Final

18. Buckinghamshire Winter Review 1819 040619

19. Approved minutes

21. Annual Audit Report/Letter

For a full list of archived papers and past meeting dates please see Governing Body Meetings Archive.

Submit a question to the Governing Body

Anyone may ask questions relating to the agenda in advance of the meeting. Please ensure questions for response at the meeting are submitted no less than 24 hours in advance. Questions about topics not included in the agenda are welcome and they would be answered, depending on the number, either in or outside of the meeting. Questions and answers will be published on this website.

You can submit a question by email to Russell.carpenter@nhs.net