Live Life Well – FREE online healthy lifestyle workshops

Live Life Well – FREE online healthy lifestyle workshops

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not always easy at the best of times, so the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic have made it even harder.

Many of us struggle with sticking to a healthy diet, being active or dealing with low moods and loneliness. This can be even more difficult for people living with long-term conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

But there are some simple ways we can improve our general lifestyle and wellbeing, hopefully helping us to stay well over the winter months and beyond.

In partnership with Bucks Adult Learning, Buckinghamshire CCG has developed a series of interactive online sessions packed with healthy lifestyle information.

Each session offers useful tips about maintaining a healthy diet, physical activity, sleep and mental health. They will also give people the chance to set their own personal goals to help them make positive changes to their lifestyle.

All the information you need on how to enrol can be found by clicking here to view this poster – simply call the number at the bottom of the poster and quote the appropriate course reference number.