Improved access to your GP? Please let us know your views

Improved access to your GP? Please let us know your views

NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group is improving access for patients who need to book routine appointments with their doctor.

From October 2018, some surgeries in the county will be offering extra appointments. Although it will not be practical to offer these at every surgery, we will ensure they are available in your local area.

Dr Rebecca Mallard-Smith, Clinical Director for Unplanned Community Care, said: ”We are working to improve routine access to general practice and the wider primary and community services  within Buckinghamshire”

“We would like to adapt this service so as to offer greater choice for patients, with fast, responsive and high quality care tailored to individual needs.

“We believe that by helping people to make informed lifestyle choices we can work with patients to maintain their health and wellbeing so that they can lead the most independent and fulfilling lives possible.

“As part of these improvements, we would like to offer additional appointments at local GP practices but we would like to know what we need to consider when deciding where and when these appointments should be.”

For us to be able to improve the access patients have to General Practice we would like to hear the views of the public and patients. Please let us know what you think by 30 June by completing our short survey – click here to take part.