Buckinghamshire CCG shortlisted in Self Care Forum awards for supporting people during pandemic

Buckinghamshire CCG shortlisted in Self Care Forum awards for supporting people during pandemic

NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group has been shortlisted in the Self Care Forum Coronavirus Innovations Awards for its “inspiring and outstanding” work in supporting people during the pandemic.

The Awards focused on practice and innovations in self care that were put in place during the pandemic, which made a difference to people and the community.

The CCG was shortlisted with their ‘Patient Education for Long-Term-Conditions’ entry, and its work will be highlighted as an example of good practice to other healthcare organisations.

The CCG’s entries focused on three different initiatives:

  • The Live Life Well online education sessions, which are now being delivered in partnership with Buckinghamshire Adult Learning. These sessions were originally open to people who were shielding during the first lockdown to help support them with their self care. They gave healthy lifestyle information in an interactive form to help during those difficult times. These sessions have now been made available for any resident in Bucks, as the information covered is of benefit to all.
  • The CCG’s Long Term Conditions team designed a series of messages to be sent out to patients’ mobile phones, with information and links to advice to support them across a range of lifestyle and wellbeing topics. These included Type 2 diabetes education, physical activity, smoking cessation, alcoholism, and monitoring blood pressure at home.
  • As part of the CCG’s drive to encourage wellbeing, when colleagues started working remotely the ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ sessions were launched. The weekly session provides a ‘midweek pause’ through a gentle stretch followed by a different form of mindfulness each week and was made available for all staff in April and continue to run.

The CCG’s team was told “The judges felt your work in connecting people and targeting those most vulnerable was inspiring and outstanding”, and that other CCGs could benefit from their approach.

Dr Raj Bajwa, Clinical Chair of NHS Buckinghamshire CCG, said: “We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for these awards, and to have the hard work of our team recognised. We have some very dedicated and passionate members of staff who have been determined to support people in Buckinghamshire through some very tough times – particularly people who have been shielding and are living with long-term conditions.

“Helping people to understand ways they can make a few simple changes to their lifestyle can have a huge impact and help them to lead healthier lives for longer. We’re very proud that our work is being held up as a good example to healthcare organisations across the country.”

Helen Donovan, Self Care Forum chair and Professional Lead for Public Health at the Royal College of Nursing said “Self care has been an essential part of the nation’s response to COVID19. Hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing helps to protect ourselves and others against coronavirus.  But many people have needed more support and this has led to exemplary innovation as individuals and organisations have stepped up to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities.”


The messages sent to patients by the CCG’s Long Term Conditions team included links to the following information and guidance, which you may find useful:

  • One Recovery Bucks offers support to people affected by drugs and alcohol in Buckinghamshire.
  • Alcohol Change UK offers information and advice to support people dealing with alcohol related issues.
  • Sleepio is an online programme aiming to help improve your sleep.
  • Vitamin D is really important for staying healthy, particularly if you are not getting as much sunlight as usual – follow the link for more information and tips.
  • A 24/7 Mental Health Helpline is in place to support people in Bucks – more information on other mental health services is available by clicking the link.
  • Active Bucks gives great advice and tips on staying active, with special advice for keeping moving during the pandemic.
  • Live Well Stay Well is a free service that has helped thousands of people to lose weight, quit smoking, get more active, feel happier or manage their diabetes.