Monthly Archives: May 2017

Building General Practice Resilience in Buckinghamshire

The Buckinghamshire CCGs have recently commissioned a project to build primary care resilience locally. A contract was awarded jointly to FedBucks, a GP federation of Buckinghamshire practices covering 85% of the population, and management consultants KPMG.
Before the specification was drawn up and competitive tendering began, practices were invited to advise what support they felt they would benefit from and what the impact of the support should be.
It was really important to the CCGs that the provider could demonstrate they had knowledge of the local health system and could quickly foster strong relationships and trust with practices.
The project will facilitate collaborative working in line with the CCGs’ primary care strategy and transformation plans. The providers are to create practical solutions that enable practices clustered into populations of around 50,000 to work more closely with integrated, community-based multidisciplinary teams.

The project aims initially to bring in facilitators and GPs who have experience and expertise in change management to initiate discussions and develop cluster specific solutions for community care services which support primary care. A second aim is to create a support package for vulnerable practices.

Over time this expertise and knowledge will be cascaded to local GP leaders to grow local expertise and build capability to provide this service without having to seek external support.