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NHS Chiltern CCG among highest in country for mental health recovery rates

NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group has one of the highest recovery rates for patients treated for mental health disorders in the country, according to the findings of a recent report.

Psychological Therapies: Annual Report on the use of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) 4 services, England, 2014/15 was published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in November.

It measured patient referrals and outcomes from various therapies, including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy counselling and couples therapy, among others. As part of the report, the HSCIC compiled the percentages of patients who were recorded as having recovered from a mental health disorder after completing such a course of therapy.

NHS Chiltern CCG had a recovery rate of 61.6 % among its patients (1,230 of 1,995 referrals) during the period studied – the third highest achieving CCG in the country after NHS Cannock Chase CCG and NHS Stafford and Surrounds CCG, out of 211 CCGs nationwide.

The service, called Healthy Minds, focuses on depression and anxiety disorders.

Dr Steve Murphy, NHS Chiltern CCG’s Director for Mental Health and Staying Healthy, said: “It is great to see that the work being done in this area within the CCG has been so effective and is being recognised nationally as a result. Depression and anxiety disorders affect a large number of our population and can potentially have a devastating effect on people’s lives. We want our patients, and their loved ones, to have confidence that the services we offer can help them through the difficulties they may be experiencing. 

“Going forward, we are determined to continue to improve the quality of services offered here and ensure that we attain even better outcomes for our patients in the future. We are investing in additional capacity so that patients with more complex needs have less time to wait, and we will provide more psychological therapies and support to patients with physical long term conditions.”

Dr Murphy added that Chiltern CCG’s strong results had been achieved by rigorous supervision of therapists and by working closely with patients, encouraging them to complete their courses of therapy to help ensure that they experience long term improvements.

NHS Chiltern CCG’s response to the publication of the Mazars Report

The Mazars Report ‘An independent review of deaths of people with a Learning Disability or Mental Health problem in contact with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’ has today (17 December) been published.

Southern Health provides our specialist health services for people with learning disabilities in Bucks.

We are reviewing the report and its recommendations and have plans in place to act on those recommendations as appropriate. In the meantime we continue to work with Southern Health to ensure our patients and service users are safe and the quality of care is of a high standard.

The NHS England website has copies of the report and other relevant documents.

Anyone with any concerns can call NHS England on 0300 311 223 33.

HeadsUp – a new campaign for men experiencing mental health concerns

CaptureHeadsup_1Are you a man experiencing mental health difficulties? Or do you know one who is, whether a friend, relative, colleague or partner?

HeadsUp is a Buckinghamshire campaign dedicated to helping men stay happy and overcome such difficulties – and it has just launched a website packed full or useful advice and information.

One in four men experience poor mental health each year but many fail to recognise the symptoms or take simple actions which could prevent or relieve them.
HeadsUp targets men aged 30-59, who are less likely to seek help for mental health issues.

The campaign and website have been designed to communicate directly to men, in an informal way, offering accessible, easy to understand information and guidance about any mental health issues they may be experiencing.

The website can give people an ‘online check-up’ in a number of areas, including anxiety, depression, alcohol, money relationships, stress and sleeping problems. It also offers a ‘˜toolbox’ of advice and support materials for people experiencing difficulties, a set of hints and tips on ways to stay happy, and advice on ways to support men you may know who are going through periods of unhappiness.

There are also case studies featuring local figures and celebrities, and links to local and national support and information groups.

The website has been launched by Buckinghamshire County Council, in association with the NHS.

For more information visit

Dr Steve Murphy, NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group’s Clinical Commissioning Director for Mental Health and Staying Healthy said: “Men tend not to be as quick to seek help over mental health issues as women are – perhaps because they do not recognise the symptoms, are unsure of where to turn to for help, or are simply embarrassed about how other people might see them.

“Poor mental health is too serious an issue to ignore, however – the male suicide rate is consistently higher among men than women. HeadsUp has a wealth of information, advice and links to groups that can help you, or any man you know who may be facing difficult times. And the sooner someone with mental health issues gets help, the better the outcome is likely to be for them.”

Director of Public Health Annual report: The Health of Children and Young People


The health and well-being of children and young people is the focus of an annual report from the Director of Public Health in Buckinghamshire.

The report, from Jane O’Grady, considers the impact that good or bad health habits developed in the early years can have on later life.

It details work done by Buckinghamshire County Council’s Public Health team to help understand young people’s own views of key health issues, including healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol and smoking.

It also outlines some innovative collaborations and projects that the Public Health team took part in with school pupils – including the development of a fun and informative Sexual Health – all of  which aimed to promote a positive approach to health among their peers.

Download the full report.


NHS Chiltern CCG named Active Workplace of the Year at awards ceremony


NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group has been celebrated for its commitment to helping staff members get active at an awards ceremony last week.

The organisation won the Active Workplace of the Year title at the tenth annual Bucks & MK Sports Awards.

CCG representatives attended the special evening presentation event at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on Friday, December 4.

The CCG was recognised for the work it does in supporting staff fitness through initiatives like its ‘Health and Wellbeing month’, which runs every January.

The month-long event, returning for the third time in the next month, includes taster sessions in fitness classes (involving yoga, kettlebells and military fitness) as well as treatments such as accumassage and reflexology with the aim of people taking them up in the long term.

Staff members are also offered talks on subjects such as healthy eating, mindfulness and managing stress and insomnia. Neighbouring Chiltern District Council workers, who are based in the same building, are invited to attend these sessions too.

Staff are given access to yoga and Pilates classes at lunch time on site each week and  are encouraged to sign up to the Workplace Challenge – a national initiative aiming to get employees physically active.

Nicola Lester, Development Director of NHS Chiltern CCG, said: “œIt is not always easy for staff members with busy lives to find the time to focus on their own health and activity levels, so we are very pleased to be able to support them to do so in any way possible. As a health organisation it is only right that we promote the wellbeing of our staff and we are proud to have been recognised in this way.

“I would like to thank everyone at the CCG who does such a fantastic job in organising our health and wellbeing initiatives – we look forward to continuing with them in the New Year.”

The Bucks & MK Sports Awards are organised by the Leap organisation – brand name of the Bucks & MK Sport and Activity Partnership, which is dedicated to getting more people across the area active.

NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of 34 GP practices in Amersham, Wycombe, and across South Bucks. It serves a population of more than 320,000 people and controls a budget in excess of £320 million to purchase health services for its local communities.